What is Life Coaching

What is Life Coaching

The term life coaching can make people feel uncomfortable so ignore the name these sessions can provide huge benefits. It’s empowering and help’s you make positive and lasting changes in your life.

Who can it help?

Anyone who has wanted to make changes in their life but is too scared to change or doesn’t know where to start.

How does it work?

We discuss your goals and then I help you to break them down into small manageable steps. We plan regular and convenient meetings to review your progress and I provide support and encouragement throughout. Our meetings will provide you with motivation and focus, which is what’s required to achieve your desired result.

Where do I start?

Call me to arrange your consultation. I will ask you a few questions which will help me to identify the best way to help you. After this you can start your sessions. The number of sessions required differs from situation and individual, but there are usually a minimum of two and a maximum of ten. These sessions can be done face to face or via the telephone.


The cost of a hypnotherapy session is £45.00 and lasts approximately one hour and includes a personalised CD of the session.

A session to help you quit smoking is longer and lasts approximately two hours and cost’s £90.00. This also includes a personalised CD of your hypnotherapy session. I would however recommend an additional one hour session which would take the price to £135.00

As a separate service I also provide bespoke pre-recorded CDs after telephone consultation. These are posted to you and cost just £20.00.

Gift vouchers are also available.

All telephone consultations are free.

I can help you with…

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