“My daughter was due to get married and I was to give the speech, I was very worried and kept thinking my mind would go blank and I would dry up.
I had one session with Lynne she gave me a CD of the session which I listened too everyday. On the day of the wedding everything went perfectly, I even got complements about my speech.”
Mrs. Kean, Liverpool

“I was suffering with high levels of stress due to work but after a couple of sessions I felt so in control and able to deal with things. Lynne is a lovely person and really spends time understanding your problem. The CD has really helped me remain relaxed. Thank you.”
Miss J Davis, Stockport

“I have tried all the diets under the sun and after just one session and listening to my CD I am finally losing weight. I don’t want to eat cakes, thats the first time in my life!”
Jackie, Tarporley

“I was having real problems managing my very stressful business and raising a family. Lynne worked with me for stress and relaxation using hypnotherapy. She then helped me prioritise and manage my days by using life coaching. I can’t believe I am the same person.”
Mrs Hopwood, Irby, Wirral

“I have been addicted to food for years, comfort eating, eating in secret you name it. Lynne talked through my eating habits and gave me a session of hypnosis. I used to crave biscuits now I crave apples, losing weight and feeling great.”
Anonymous, Wirral

“I’m completely terrified of needles and have been for years. Lynne asked me lots of questions prior to the hypnotherapy session. I felt lots better when I left but have continued listening to the free CD and am completely free of my phobia.”
Mrs N Taylor, Billinge, Lancs

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