Corporate ‘Stress Buster’ Workshops

Due to local demand I now provide successful interactive one hour group workshops for businesses to enable their workforce to focus on relaxation and managing stress. This is a valued and important part of my service, and as an approved therapist with the national charity “Anxiety UK” it is a subject I have a great understanding on.
With vast experience of the corporate world I can fully appreciate how stress can cause serious problems within the workplace. Stress is a common factor of modern life and is something that everyone experiences. Many medical conditions are stress-related and result in a high percentage of absenteeism in the workplace which in turn costs UK employers 6.5 billion per year. More importance is now being placed on managing stress in order to improve health and reduce absenteeism.

Prices for workshops start at £165.00 (max ten people)

Group Hypnotherapy

Help staff to reduce their stress and anxiety.

The session starts with an overview of hypnotherapy and what to expect and then a full relaxation hypnotherapy session will take place. It’s a relaxing and calming experience that reduces stress and anxiety. Staff are 100% safe to return to work immediately afterwards with calm and clear mind, ready for any task ahead.

Group Chill-Out Sessions

Feel calm and relaxed and learn how to do it yourself in our one hour workshop.
Group Chill-Out Sessions provide you with a greater understanding of how and why we develop stress as well as the detrimental effects it can have to our mind and body. We then interactively work as a team to learn and test out successful techniques which are proven to successfully reduce and manage stress. The session closes after a guided group relaxation.

One to One Hypnotherapy

One to one hypnotherapy is something that can be use in conjunction with your staffs Personal Development Plan. Hypnotherapy is very successful in helping in the following areas

  • Giving powerful sales presentations.
  • Having a voice in meetings.
  • Confidence in Networking.
  • Goal Setting.

One to one sessions start from £45.00. For more information on any of the above please email or call 077 9105 4734

*please note corporate prices are negotiable depending on numbers etc

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