Short one hour community interactive group sessions are now available in the below areas. The aim of making sessions short is that they become both time and cost effective whilst not impacting on the quality of the service. As an approved therapist with a national charity called Anxiety UK I fully appreciate the stresses people are under and aim to address these concerns during the workshops. All sessions can be adapted to meet your group’s needs. Contact me to discuss both your group’s budget and requirements.

Group Hypnotherapy

A workshop which will enable your community group to reduce their stress and anxiety levels. I start with an explanation of how hypnotherapy works and how you are likely to feel both during and afterwards. I then carry out a full session of hypnotherapy to relieve stress and anxiety leaving everyone with a feeling of calm and relaxation, able to go about their day to day activities.

Group Chill out sessions

This is a session that gives a brief understanding of how we develop stress and the detrimental effects to our mind & body. We then work through varies tips and techniques that can be used to reduce stress in our day to day activities. The session finishes with a lovely calming group relaxation.

Feeling Good

This session draws on Life coaching techniques, working with groups to improve people’s confidence and motivation, people leave the session with the skills to enable them to produce their own SMART action plan also feeling both positive and focused to set future goals. Group hypnotherapy is also used during this session to encourage motivation.


One to one yoga Classes are 90mins and include posture work, breathing exercises and relaxation and cost £220 for a 10 week course or you can pay for individual classes £25 per class.
These sessions are delivered by Helen a fully qualified BSYA Hatha Teacher and a member of the AHCP
Helen is fully qualified and insured to teach adults, children and people of all ages with additional needs including behaviours that challenge.Private sessions suit people that haven’t got much time or are unable to attend group classes. They are great for faster learning and progression too.

I can help you with…

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